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Meagan Maurer LVN

Hearing and Vision Screenings

All Kindergartens, 2nd ,5th, and 8th grade students will have their vision and hearing screened each year.  This screening will comply with California Ed. Code and will be performed by qualified personnel, authorized by the District as specified by law. All male students, in Kindergarten will be tested for color vision. Classroom teachers may refer any student from any grade for screening.

Parents of any student suspected to have visual or auditory concerns will receive a notice in the mail with a request that remedial action be taken to further evaluate the findings.

No Shots No School

The California School Immunization law requires that all students be up-to-date on all immunizations to attend school. All 6th grade students, before advancing to 7th grade, must have the Tdap Booster, which is required by law. Please bring your proof of the Tdap Booster to the office. Students must present documentation of complete immunizations before entry into school will be allowed.  There is no longer exemption from immunizations.  

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